Friday, January 30, 2009


so its been about month but not even that..
we sweated and grew tired..
but thats not the fact..
fact is..
i was pushed here and there for a specific reason..
you know actually being told certain things was a tease and..
i believed in certains words and agreed..
twisted my thoughts from wants to needs..
i definitely had mad fun..
the experience was ridiculous..
everyone there has mad heart and mos definitely deserves this..
im not gonna lie.. i thought it was too early..
but i don't have control over it..
shit happens.. you take things as it comes..
all u can do is take the opportunity and run..
so anyways back to reality and my life..
but guess what.. dancin is my life sucka!! haha
im basically married to it.. til death do us part =)
this was just like our honeymoon =) its just the start.. haha
Mtv ABDC season 3 =)
fun times

Saturday, January 3, 2009

09' is here

truth is.. im scared for a new beginnin..
the future isn't even written..
i've been anxious and stressin..
but i should stand instead of sittin..
my eyes closed tight and my hearts beats fast..
Lord knows me best..
the music does its task..
i prepared myself for the walk ahead..
got my dance kicks on and my ipod on my head..
its on shuffle, repeat all,
and my favorite playlist..
bass and snare gots the pop and snap in my wrist..
its the various music that gives me a bounce..
and in my music.. less is more.. or gallon to an ounce..
let my body speak.. and my mind calm down..
let music be my speech and my movement be the sound..
ill keep walkin and walkin..
with my ipod playing..
i gots plenty of battery life left..
and a lot more road.. ha.. ha.. nah'im sayin?
happy 09' suckaz